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About Rocks-n-Roots

Creating green spaces is the main aim of this organization, whether it is small terrace, a large farmhouse, or a little corner in a factory. We design anything, anywhere in any situation Greening aesthetically is our mool - mantra.
Rocks ‘n’ Roots are a unit of architects and planners and has been in the field of building construction and its greening for ten years. In the past few years more and more people are realizing the importance a clean and green environment, the interest in new varieties of greens, herbal plants and perfect manicuring of plants has increased. We don’t claim to have discovered new plant species, but it is our packaging that’s different. Our knowledge of architecture, interiors and the urban environment further helps us to aesthetically coordinate plant types and colors along with rocks and pebbles. Experimenting with different kinds of containers and pots is our forte.
After proper implementation of a greening project we consider it but natural to maintain the green ourselves.

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