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Rocks-n-Roots is a green company, with the sole aim of doing aesthetic greening. The company takes on the following greening tasks.

  • Designing and conceptualizing a thematic green area
  • Complete plantations with rockeries and themes.
  • Design and development of farmhouses with complete architectural inputs
  • Color combination of plants.
  • Plant placement according to the size, soil type and sun direction.
  • Designing of
    • Herbal Garden
    • Orchards Flower Garden/ Seasonal
    • Courtyard
    • Kitchen Garden
    • Tray Garden
    • Zen Garden
  • Organic farming.

Indoor Greens

Growing indoor plants is an art in itself, not only do they look wonderful they also improve the quality of the air of the place they inhabit and can be a source of therapy. We have made an attempt here to turn the humble houseplant in the corner of a room into a highly sophisticated element in contemporary interior design.
Rocks-n-Roots aims to show how to position plants for maximum impact, taking into the account scale and proportion, style and placement, form and shape, color and scent, texture and pattern. We also emphasize on selecting just the right containers and accessories to suit different plants.

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